novembre 04, 2011


The first thing that I noticed when I received this pillow is that it is heavy!!! I was wondering how such a heavy pillow could be comfortable. I went and laid my head down and realized that even though it is heavy, it is super SOFT!!! It is soft and squishy and firm all at the same time. I don't know how they did it. Being heavy is not a bad thing. To me it means that it is harder for my hubby to steal it away from me in my sleep!!!!

The pillow is made out of memory foam and has a gel layer on top.

This gel is AWESOME because it stays cold. I cannot stand to be hot while I sleep, or for my pillow to become hot, and I am a constant pillow flipper. I will flip it over and move it around till I find the cold spot. With this pillow you don't have to do that. The cooling sensation when you lie down on it is really a nice feeling.

The cover that comes on the pillow is super soft. It is also removable so you can wash it.

I chose to review the Anatomic pillow because I liked the design. It is not too thick or too thin.

Technogel Pillows are awesome because they help with back and shoulder pain as well as headaches. I am a chronic headache sufferer so I will take a second look at anything that says it will help with headaches. I can honestly say that I have noticed I have not had to take nearly as much headache medicine since I started sleeping on this pillow. I used to have a headache as soon as I woke up in the morning, and I haven't had a single one yet!!!

Beth @ My Crazy Life Blog

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