avril 25, 2012

Technogel Pillow Review: Drastically Improved Sleep Quality Madeline @ Food, Fitness & Family Blog

Technogel® incorporates a specialized gel layer and a memory form layer into their pillows allowing it to deform 3-dimensionally.  This leads to decreased pressure along many points and distributes it more evenly.  The pillow also provides thermal regulation by dispersing the heat generated by your skin throughout the mass of the pillow leading to a perpetually cool pillow   Score!

The kind people from Technogel® contacted me with some information about their pillows.  I chose the Anatomic Pillow because it’s contours are best for side or back sleepers … I alternate between both.  I may or may not have obsessively tracked the package as it made its way to my doorstep.  My excitement when it finally arrived was only witnessed by the dogs … thank goodness 

I immediately got my new baby out of it’s packaging and gave it a try.  At first I wasn’t sure what I thought.  It felt very different from a regular pillow.  However, the folks at Technogel gave me a heads up that it can take a couple days to get used to the new pillow.  Trigger on the other hand was an immediate fan .

I have been sleeping on the Technogel® pillow for a week now and I am OBSESSED.  My sleep quality has improved drastically.  I am not someone who falls asleep easily and I have found myself drifting off much quicker since using the pillow.  Also, I am sleeping deeper.  Even though the quantity of my sleep hasn’t increased (no pillow is a miracle worker and can cure a teething baby) but I feel BETTER after sleeping now.  Much more rested and ready to go.  Chris pointed out that I am carrying my pillow around the house with me too.  I think I’ve gotten attached?

The only downside I can find to these pillows it that they are REALLY expensive … like $150 expensive.  To be honest, it is an investment I would make.  Chris and I have talked about getting him one as well because he loves mine and wants to steal it 

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