novembre 22, 2011


"Voyage is the metaphor for our way of working. 
A voyage inside the etherealness of light. 
A voyage which began twenty years ago and has taken us to wonderful places. 
Our lamps are simple, light, unique, pure, essential. 
Sometimes magical. 
From the light bulb to the quest for a light without source, just to be wrapped in  
welcoming light. 
Lamps designed to give depth to the space we live in, or simply to create light. 
Always in search of the boundary between light and dark. 
We like to think of our lamps as an alphabet with which we write stories. 
Stories made of journeys, encounters, emotions."

Producer: Davide Groppi 
Designer: Federico Delrosso 
Title: Estasi (lamp) 
Year: 2010 
Technogel: light bulb

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